Wednesday 9 March 2011


Probably the most well known Brox Compact in the UK, Firebrox is the main sound system for the London Friday Night Skate.

I caught up with it at the original 2007 London Freewheel. Note the striking blue wheel hubs.

The machine is heavilly modified to help carry the 2kW PA system, with 52 gears and from odd forum posts it seems the hard work it goes through results in it needing a significant amount of maintenance, there is a detailed post covering the problems here.

This is version 3 of the sound system, I think version 2 was this one, built of wood, photographed back in 2003.

and this was the first attempt.

Firebrox on Flickr.


  1. Speaking as the rider in the top picture here :-), whatever bike you're showing in the other pictures is not the same one. The Firebrox was bought as chassis plus the aluminium flatbed load tray in 2006 from an employee of Brixton Cycles, then went through two major iterations: the first design was based on the standard tray (plus a repaint) and a steel support for the speaker, and the second is the picture you have. # the first version

    Sadly it's currently off the road *again* as the drive axle snapped earlier this year and we've been unable to source a replacement. We're planning to take it down to Kingsmead to get the rear frame rewelded: I'm told that their newer design uses a plain axle instead of the complicated piece of machinery in ours, and they can fit mountings for Magura brakes at the same time.

  2. So I wonder who the other rider was - more research needed!

    Seems I'm not the only Brox owner excited by the revival of Brox activity down at Kingsmead :)

  3. Ok after a bit of a search, the other rider is Simeon Bamford", so his Brox Compact is another machine.