Sunday 31 July 2011

A Motorised Brox - for sale

Seen on Gumtree - Dublin

Brox Bike - motorised - 4 wheel articulated bike

Motorised Brox Bike - 4 wheeled articulated bike with recumbent type seat and flat bed for load carrying. One of only 3 such bikes in existence. Heinzman Motor, Sclumpf mountain drive, 7 speed. Fairing for aerodynamics and weather protection. A truly unusual vehicle which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you use it.

I'm not a fan of fitting electric motors to bicycles and the like, the result is a variation on an electric motorbike - albeit sometimes speed limited. In the case of a Brox you end up with somthing akin to a large mobility scooter.

Notice how the drive wheel has been fitted with a bar reaching round the outside so the motor can be mounted, making the machine slightly wider. The motor has been fitted to the non-pedal driven wheel, so perhaps the motor could be repurposed to generate electricity to power a sound system.

This Brox is also notable for the fitting of an HP Velotechnik Streamer fairing and the Sclumpf mountain drive.

It also has a bar-end mirror on the right, but I suspect it mostly gives a view of the load platform.

It is not clear wher the battery is mounted, possibly in the cage fixed to the front of the load platform.

All photos from the Gumtree advert.


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