Wednesday 2 March 2011

Gardening Brox

Updated - see comment from Robin - this machine is up for sale.

Found on the Hackney Permaculture Blog - bought secondhand in 2009, it is the former BikeFix shop Brox - see below.

brox recumbent quadcycle

and a lovely image of it filled with flowers

Brox filled with flowers from Columbia Road flower market

Strangely it only seems to have a single brake lever.


  1. that is mine :-)

    ...and it is also the bikefix brox too which you have pictured with the soundsystem on your site!

    the reason that it only has one brake lever here is that the brakes were taken off and sent away to be serviced by the fellow that made it.

    i was lucky and got the second to last pair of disc brakes made for it left in the world

    sadly i am having to sell it as i have moved and no longer have space for it - anyone want to buy it see here -


    mail at

  2. id be intested if you still had it Robin. I sent a mail to you. you can mail me back at