Monday 14 February 2011

This is my Brox Compact

The image is from the Bikefix web site.

This was my Brox Compact at Bikefix before I collected it. I had to wait when I turned up to collect it because they wanted to take photos of the new design. Mine had turned up with the new fiberglass mudgards which are much more robust than the earlier ones, and give the machine a more solid look along with the striking blue wheel hubs.

It was built by Kingsmead Associates, in Canterbury, though I think it is no longer in production.

It's a great machine to ride, I just regret not having more excuses to use it.

I bought it back in 2002, just in time for Croydon Car Free Day, 22nd September, and ended up carting a trike home, in addition to the trailer - 8 wheels in total.

Carbusters published this photo...

It wasn't the only one in Croydon that day

Sadly world events soon took over and only 6 days later on the 29th the machine was pressed into service in the anti-war cause, involving a 20 mile round trip to central London and the fitting of a set of lights.

At the end of the march I met another Brox rider with his young familly who told me stories of taking it on the train to Cornwall, they just turned up with a cycle booking and got it on the train.

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