Monday 29 August 2011

Veloblitz Brox - (2005)

Another Brox Compact found on Flickr, this photo from 2005 is a Brox belinging to a Swiss company Veloblitz based in Zürich.

Photo by Bregan K Moving Target.


  1. Hello, Ian from Bicycology here. I just uploaded 4 photos I took of the Brox (serial number 007 I believe) we used on a couple of our tours. Feel free to use any of them on your blog:

    Also, the black trailer mounted soundsystem on your links page is not Son of Pedals but a clone (as it says on my page that you link to). Son of Pedals is documented here:

    I couldn't see any contact details on your blog so the only way to contact you was to comment on an entry.

  2. Ian, thanks for those - I'm trying to document the Baby Brox or Brox Compact on this blog, as that's what I ride, mostly on demos and Critical Mass, so your big Box is another story...

    I've amended the Link to say it's a Son of Pedals clone :)

  3. Just looking at photos the size difference was not immediately apparent. I would like to see the Brox and Brox Compact side by side for comparison.

  4. Take a look at

    The Compact is on the right with the red back box.